Luxury Handmade
women's shoes.

A brand of handcrafted footwear that gives life to unique products.

Class, Dignity and Elegance will never be out of fashion.

The idea was born from the desire to experiment and start taking the first steps in the world of high fashion.

The attention to detail, originality, manufacture, elegance and refinement are all details that prompted the team to create something that would move a little further away from the ordinary patterns of the field of high-end footwear.

Discover our

Each piece is handmade by expert craftsmen who give it the uniqueness typical of the brand.

Create your own

One of the trends of the moment is undoubtedly the personalised product, created to measure and stylistically suitable for the person wearing it. That’s why VELTURA VENEL gives customers the opportunity to customise each product on request.

Exalt what
you are.

VELTURA VENEL was born in Italy, more precisely among the wonderful hills of Lucca, a land of great inspiration for the team that with its creations gives its brand the clear expression of Made in Tuscany.